January Challenge: Brussels Sprouts with Linguine

This week I’m on a roll with delicious vegetarian recipes.I am having so much fun trying out new recipes that wouldn’t ordinarily be on my radar. Which is exactly what this challenge is all about. I’ve branched out to veggies and grains that I only use once in a while. Leeks, cabbage, and brussels sprouts have become […]

January Challenge: Beet and Greens Quesadillas

Week two of my January Challenge and the food from this week’s recipes have been nothing short of spectacular. The first week I found I was trying to re-create my favorite meat dishes without meat and was left a little disappointed. This week, I hit my stride though I haven’t had time to blog much. […]

January Challenge: Roasted Potato Curry

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” -Michael Pollen I’ve never really made New Years resolutions, and certainly not food centered resolutions. I think they are cursed and doomed to failure simply because of all the inflated build-up. So how did I find myself making a “January challenge”?After reading an article in Bon Appetite about […]


As we settle into our house every day I fall more and more in love with the kitchen. It has some quirks that at times bug me but it’s so big and open I am quickly over any small bother! And really with so much counter space I can deal with the fact I have […]