Stove-Top Ratatouille

Perhaps it is because I just celebrated my birthday, or because of my wedding a few weeks ago, or maybe it’s that my youngest sibling just left for her first year of college, but I find myself being very retrospective lately. Thinking about all that has changed and the twists and turns of life that […]

Frittata with Fresh Spring Nettles

Growing up my siblings and I had free range of the 5+ acres of land around our house in southern Ohio that included a stream, woodland forest, and a grassy meadow. My parents were very intentional about educating us about the native plants that grew in the area, which ones were safe to play with and which […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Potatoes and Bacon

Yesterday was the first day that it actually felt like spring. I had the backdoor open as I made a birthday cake for a good friend and it felt amazing. The sun was shining and we hit a glorious 62°, the whole town was in an exceedingly good mood. Today, we’re back to the clouds […]

January Challenge: Roasted Potato Curry

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” -Michael Pollen I’ve never really made New Years resolutions, and certainly not food centered resolutions. I think they are cursed and doomed to failure simply because of all the inflated build-up. So how did I find myself making a “January challenge”?After reading an article in Bon Appetite about […]