What I’ve Been Reading, May Edition

North Head Lighthouse

Thank you! Your suggestions have been a big help. I’ve spent time this week browsing through blogs and recipes and making a “cook soon” list. We went to the store and bought the ingredients to have on hand to make the meals on the list and so far this week has been better. In the process I’ve even rediscovered some of my favorite recipes that I had forgotten about. It’s been good. I’ll start to share some to the recipes I made this week, but first I wanted to share a little link-love.

As I was planning the Mother’s Day dinner I would prepare I fell in love all over again with Canal House and their lovely quarterlies. Part cookbook, part photojournalism, part magazine it is simply lovely and the recipes will surely bring anyone out of a foodie writers block.

I’m eating these peanut butter cookies right now, except because I have a horrid nut allergy I substituted sunflower seed butter for the peanut butter. They are the perfect “peanut” butter cookie. Take that nut allergy. I even added chocolate chips to half the batch, pure genius.

This song has been on repeat for quite some time.

“I know I would have to search the whole wide world, until my feet hurt for a friend like you. And I don’t think anyone would pass ’cause I love you more think I could ever sing”

On our recent trip to Longbeach, WA I challenged myself to only take film photographs. Well, film and iPhone. I took three rolls and feel really confident in what I took, but I can’t find a place in town to get it developed. Kits Camera closed last year so I started taking film to Costco which miraculously even developed some black and white film up until recently apparently, when I took in my three rolls and they said they stopped developing film a bit ago. “Try Walgreens” was their reply to my shocked and devastated face. Crap! I guess it’s time to start mailing it off for development.

This blog post struck me so deeply I emailed the writer. I never do that, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her and her story and how our stories are the same in many ways. Sharing stories, isn’t that what blogging is all about after all.

Today is cold. Wet and cold, the worst kind. To top it off, I’m grumpy. But even my grumpies are nowhere near what the folks in Oklahoma or Texas are feeling these days. If you feel compelled to do something these guys provide childcare to disaster stricken families, because the kids man, they break my heart. Tonight we will have soup and grilled cheese and send love and hugs (in the form of money) to Oklahoma and Texas. I hope you are warm and dry and filled with love.


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