What I’m reading


This week I have been reading. Reading lots of random things. Not very much of anything, but little bits here and there.

I picked up the digital version of this book on the iPad. I checked it out from the library while drinking a London Fog at a local bakery. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Rebecca Brown’s article in the Seattle Stranger this week about the new Pope is spot on and perfect. I want to meet her and be her friend. I like the way she thinks about religion, life and how she lives fully into both.

Also in this week’s Seattle Weekly is a very short piece of fiction by Sherman Alexie. It made me weepy. In a very good way.

I joined Tumblr a while ago, but I kind of ignored it for a lone time. I found it again this week. I’ve been following AWellTraveledWoman, which led me to this piece that was reblogged by ThatKindofWoman. It also made me weepy and excited, but mostly excited.

We’ve made these pancakes every weekend for many weeks now. This morning, we added bacon bits.


It’s been rainy. Really rainy. The perfect kind of week to get lost in words and pictures. Hope you have had a good week and have a relaxing weekend ahead of you.


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