Baking Bread

Sunday afternoon as the rain pattered against the window I warmed some water, sprinkled some yeast and set about to bake a loaf of bread. Growing up my mother had a bread baking business for a while and always baked the bread for the family. Sandwich bread, cinnamon raisin loaves, cinnamon rolls, focaccia, all kinds. As a kid all I wanted was fluffy store-bought potato bread, luckily I’ve developed a more mature palette and have come to appreciate how good I had, and still do have, it.

There is something about a lazy Sunday that is perfect for baking bread. It doesn’t really require that much hands-on time, you can curl up on the couch and read a book while the bread rises, getting up only to nurture the dough along to the next step. I used this recipe, exactly as written. I recommend it. Lovely crumb, perfect texture, and interesting flavor. It is wonderful lightly toasted with some butter and jam.

Bread Baking

Bread Baking

Bread Baking

Bread Baking

Bread Baking


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