The Allure of Fall


Fall is by far my favorite season. The crispness. The coziness. The food. Apples, sweet potatoes, squash, brussels sprouts. You know my love of brussels sprouts. Fall always feels like the beginning. Perhaps it is my ingrained propensity toward the academic calendar, but I am always inspired to take on new projects, craft new space, and prepare for the coming cold and darkness of winter. All of this is to say that I am moving (again). I will have moved four times in a little over a years time. FOUR! Each move has held its own excitement and energy to move forward and I do not regret any of them, it is just a lot of box moving in a short timeframe. So, this fall, as I sip apple cider and am warmed by the root vegetables roasting in the oven, I am preparing to move again. This time I have all the bliss and excitement of moving into a home. This one has a turquoise tile fireplace, a deck eager for summer dinner parties and the most lovely hardwood floors I’ve ever seen. Last fall I was focused on building a life I was proud of. This year I am reaping the benefits of a life that causes me to smile for no particular reason, where I am relaxed, goofy, and loved. I would never presume to say that I am “done”, I am a firm believer that we are never, or should never, be done creating our lives. I will say that I have arrived at a place where I can be comfortable and relaxed and that it feels good.

This has been a year of sparse posting at best, more photographs than food and even fewer stories. I hope that as I settle into this new house I can also settle into a balance between work, outside commitments, family, and personal time. I hope to carve out more time to not only cook dinner but to bake, and to be creative in the kitchen again too. We all have a million excuses and reasons why we just don’t have time to do ____. But, what I’ve been noticing is that it not a matter of having a good excuse or a sudden excess of free time but rather intentionally taking time to nurture oneself. Writing and cooking are things that I need to do to nurture myself, I’m not doing that. I put energy out into the world, good and positive energy, I even receive energy from the people around me, but I am not yet putting an adequate amount of energy into myself. Looking back on my blog post from the first of the year I wrote that this year I wanted to “engage with creativity”, “have adventures”, and “be happy”. As I anticipate the Holiday season and look toward the end of the year I am very pleased with my “happiness level” this year and I had some great adventures, but I haven’t been as creative as I hoped. So, as I pack boxes and get excited about nesting into a home, I hope that I can feed my creative spirit and carve out space for reading, writing, cooking, or just plain day-dreaming.


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