The View Through My Lens: Long Walks

I’ve been spending a lot of time going on walks lately. Quite trails that wind through tall trees glowing with the vibrancy of fall color. Eating sandwiches by a duck-filled lake and sipping hot apple cider. The calm crispness of fall is delicious, and I can’t seem to get enough of it.
nisqually_02 When I’m outside I can breathe. I can think. I can just be. Intentionally living and breathing in the moment.
nisqually_01 I went on one particularly long six-mile walk with my film Canon where I easily took a full 36-exposure roll of film. The lighting is off in a couple of the photographs as I am still learning the camera, but most of them are misty and glowing.
nisqually_03Nisqually Wildlife Refuge is a large nature center outside of Olympia where the Nisqually river empties into the Puget Sound. The mingling of the fresh and salt water creates a unique habitat for native wildlife, particularly birds. As I walked I passed many people with very large, very fancy digital cameras that were apparently a part of a nature photography class. They were making some amazing photographs I’m sure, but I was quite content with my film camera.
nisqually_04I’ve always had a personal affinity for film photography. I like the flexibility and quickness of digital, but if I want to truly make a photograph, I reach for film, every time. I love the texture, the slight graininess. They seem so much more alive to me that the pristine images from my dSLR. This last photograph of the barns is my favorite of the day. I love the light and the shadows, the glow, and texture.

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2 thoughts on “The View Through My Lens: Long Walks

  1. I’m enjoying your beautiful pictures and the stories you tell about your life in the NW. Keep it up!
    Also wanted to thank you for all the help at Sue and Becky’s celebration and the great pictures. It was a wonderful day and so nice to have so many of their friends and family together.

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