The View Through My Lens: A Month

I could come up with half a dozen different excuses as to why I fell of the face of the blogging world, but really, I’ve just been distracted. You see we went out-of-town, and then we went away again and now I’m getting married in just a few weeks. Lately I’ve spent a lot more time thinking about seating arrangements and bridesmaid dresses than I have spent dreaming up dinners and testing recipes. I did make a wonderful three layer lemon birthday cake with raspberry and lemon curd filling, which I will share with you. To ease myself back into regular blogging, I have some photographs from our recent trip to visit my family in Dayton, Ohio. Perhaps not the top of one’s summer vacation destinations, but to me it was perfect. Fireflies, Sunday drives,  hours spent visiting on the porch, and the quiet peace of familiarity. I hope you are all having a lovely summer and know that I haven’t forgotten about you!

Midwest Backyard


Carriage Hill

Carriage Hill

Carriage Hill

Carriage Hill

Aullwood Elizabeth & Alaina

Aullwood Gardens



Ice Cream

You can see more photos from our adventures in Ohio on my Flickr Photo Set.








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