Cook the Cover: Pasta al Pomodoro

Cook the Cover May '11_01

Did anyone notice the design change to Bon Appetit magazine this month? With the change in editorial staff, specifically bringing on GQ Editor in Chief Adam Rapoport, the magazine and website have undergone a rather extensive make-over. Depending on who you ask, there is an equal amount of love and disdain for it. After Gourmet was taken to the chopping block last year, food magazine readers seem to be a little wary of change. Personally, I like it. I’m a big fan of typography, layout, and color so I think it is lovely and adds to the creativity of the magazine. I also greatly appreciate the added attention to the photographic elements of the magazine as of late, they finally look appetizing and artistically beautiful.

One of the new elements that I am most excited about is the invitation to “Cook the Cover“. So, even though I’m a little late this month, I plan to accept the challenge and cook the cover each month. I will include photographs and advice that I found helpful, but I will follow the recipe to a “T’ and include a link for you to find it on the BA website. I’d love to know if you cook it too, and how it turns out!

Cook the Cover May '11_02

Pasta al Pomodoro

Bon Appetit May 2011

I followed the directions exactly as written, with the exception of dialing back the olive oil and butter just a bit. It seems a little excessive to me, and I was able to achieve the luxurious creamy flavor and texture with a touch less butter. Click here to continue on to the recipe.


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