Urban Chickens

Alaina and I have been musing over the idea of raising chickens in our backyard. My mom has chickens so we’ve been spoiled by the amazingly rich eggs and want to get in on the urban chicken action. The city of Olympia allows three hens per household (roosters are illegal) and there are some amazing henhouses that protect the chickens from urban predators. While our yard isn’t very big I think a small coop would add some great character to the yard.

Modern Coops. Photos © Jim Golden 2009

Look at how freaking stylish these things are! Seriously! They are like little playhouses.

Modular Coop. Photo courtesy of Mitchell Snyder

It’s a chicken condo!

While these chicken spas are amazing they are also amazingly expensive and perhaps not quite as practical as we need. I’ve had my eye on this one which you build yourself with plans drawn up by a Portlander.

Image courtesy The Garden Coop

It’s called the Garden Ark and it houses three chickens. It is a tractor style coop with wheels that allows you to easily move it. It is fully enclosed with hardware cloth so rabid raccoons and curious cats can’t get in. It is three feet wide, six feet deep and only four feet high. I think it will fit into our yard quite nicely. And since it is fully enclosed, we can bring it up near the house during the winter to keep them warmer and dryer (and it will also make it dryer for us when we let them out in the morning and put them in at night).

So I think I’m pretty much decided on the coop, now I just have to decided what hens to get!


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