Every Day is Earth Day

Taken from Apollo 17

Happy belated Earth Day! So it was actually last Thursday, but I truly believe we should make the extra effort to celebrate our life and sustain earth everyday. Through the little choices we make, we can lessen our environmental footprint substantially. The things our mothers bugged us about when we were kids, like turning off lights and taking shorter showers, as well as bigger things like making sure you don’t run the dishwasher unless its full and purchasing energy efficent appliances. In Earth in Earnest ,a monthly newsletter from The New Community Project**, they pointed out one thing that I am quite guilty of:

Peeking in the oven by opening the oven door is a great source of energy loss. If every person in the United States who owns an oven peeked one time fewer per year, nearly 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide could be prevented from entering the atmosphere. Imagine how much good we could do by peeking less every time we use an oven.

Yikes, that is one thing I can definitely do to make a difference!

While this Earth Day slipped by me I was outside tending to the little sprouts that are emerging from the garden beds. The peas are about an inch tall now and I transplanted the zucchini outside, with the added protection of a soda bottle. I don’t think I could have planned a better way to mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. In fact, I plan to celebrate several times a week for at least the next 6 months.

**The New Community Project is a faith-based nonprofit organization with the simple goal of changing the world. They do some amazing things like the Give a Girl a Chance project which, “helps girls and women in Africa, Asia and Central America have the opportunity they need for the future they deserve.” and they offer Learning Tours which invite people to visit the many places in the world were justice is hard to come by. They also have a Sustainable Living Homestead that is a working alternative to the industrialized agricultural system,that also reaches out to the community with workshops and education.


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