Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

There’s a revolution happening in case you hadn’t noticed! People have finally started to notice what they put in their bodies. I can see my mom jumping up and down for joy and my little 2nd grader self isn’t alone with my homemade lunches anymore. School lunches are awful and they are so bad for you! Its no wonder we are the most obese nation in the world. Its terrifying, truly.

Many of us have been fighting out own little food battles for years, my mom being one of them. Now it seems everyone has woken up and it’s the “popular” thing to do. Films like Food Inc. have brought the discussion into the nation spotlight and big-wig foodies like Jamie Oliver have put their muscle power into it too. If you haven’t been following Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Friday nights on ABC the finally is this week and you can get caught up with all the episodes online.

Once you are caught up, or if you’ve been following all along, you should head over to Jamie Oliver’s website to sign the national petition being sent to President Obama. 430,917 people have signed so far, be sure you are on the list and your voice for healthy school food is heard!


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