Welcome Home

We’re here! We’ve been in our new house a little over a week now. Its so wonderful. The processes of getting here was a little stressful, but now that we are home I am quickly forgetting all about the stress and frustration. Alaina and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, it is simple amazing. So I’m guessing you want to see pictures?

Here ya go!

Cozy living room.

The new Real Food kitchen with a gas stove and huge counters!

I love the window. There is an island where I am standing with cupboards and more counter.

I love the green wall. It’s “oregano spice”, quite fitting for a kitchen/dinning room.

Yes, that is a claw foot tub!

This is my craft/writing nook just off the kitchen.

As the rest of the house is organized I’ll show you more! Alaina and I are having so much fun figuring out our style and decorating. Now that most of the boxes are gone its really feeling like home.

Next up, yummy recipes from the new kitchen. With so much more space I’m becoming more adventurous in the kitchen!


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