I am a die-hard Mac person. If I have the choice I will always go with the Mac program for any function. So its hard for me to admit that I have spent the last year frustrated with Mac’s iWeb. I won’t go into details but lets just say Mac does a lot of things really, really well but blogs aren’t one of them. So, I apologize for the move and confusion. I hope I haven’t lost to many of you, and I hope that I may have gained a few new folks since I am now “searchable”! My old site will remain so you can bounce back for recipes, though I will be bringing them over to our new blogging home eventually. If you have any troubles, questions or complaints don’t hesitate to let me know. I will be picking back up with my cookie posts, in the mean time take a look around the new digs! Hopefully this will be a good move for all involved which will ultimately make it easer for me to post which might just mean that I post (!) more (!) regularly (!!). I’ll leave you with a cliff hanger…

P.S. Enjoy the flurries about the page. One of the many cool things that come along with the switch to WordPress!


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